Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trout Season 2011

Trout season in New Jersey officially started on April 9th. We started fishing on April 12th and enjoyed some success. The first afternoon we managed to catch 8 brown trout. It was the first outing and we brought the kids so most of the time was spent baiting hooks and untangling lines. Each of the five kids that we brought managed to catch at least one so I view the trip as a wild success.
Boo Boo with the second trout of the day.

We were using meal worms and the fish were biting.

First outings Catch

On the second day we caught 8 while the kids were in school and 2 more after school.

A few of the days we only caught 2 or three in between stockings and we didn't bother to take any pictures. Good Friday was our best outing in which we managed to catch these 15 trout between 4 people in a three hour period. Steve got the lunker, a 2 1/2 pound brown trout.

Good Friday was a mix of brown and Rainbow trout.

When we started out Steve set the goal at 30 fish and then we would have a fish fry for our deer club. On good Friday we upped our goal to 50. The following Friday we met our goal catching 11 brown trout all over 12 inches.

Leader Board

Larry caught this Giant lake trout on April 15th.